Thursday, December 26, 2013

The boomerang returns

I have tried to retire from S.P.A.M. four times.  Honestly, anti-Mormons haven't come up with a new argument in 180 years, so after awhile, even defending something I love as much as the Lord's church can become tiresome.  Yet every time I've put the site into mothballs some new, large-scale trend emerges that warrants attention.  My "retirements" have lasted about three weeks each.

Anti-Mormonism is an obsessive behavior.  Defending Mormonism isn't.  It takes time, reflection, research, writing, and editing.  Time is always at a premium.  We have jobs, families, and church responsibilities.  Mormonism's defenders are rarely professionals.  We have no paid clergymen.  We don't get paid to stalk the blogs of other religionists and wait for them to post something so we can respond with ready-made cut-and-paste attacks.  We have to think, consider, research, and refute the attackers' information with factual information.  We have to show where the errors are in the arguments of the attackers.

In the five years I've been defending the Church online, there are patterns.  On Free Republic's site, nearly every day, "Colofornian" posts an anti-Mormon topic, sends out a "ping" to the list of her anti-Mormon buddies.  Sometimes, usually before General Conference, she escalates the activity.  The week before Christmas and Easter, she goes into overdrive and produces sometimes several anti-Mormon posts a day.  It would take an army of Mormon defenders to keep up with the volume of anti-Mormon hatred she generates all by herself.

Likewise, there's an Internet anti-Mormon troll who goes by the name "Ron Den Boer" who is one of my subscribers on the Examiner.  Whenever I post a new article, he gets a notification.  Within minutes he has posted some anti-Mormon junk which, more often than not, has nothing to do with the topic of my article.  Often, he has posted upwards of 2,000-3,000 words in the comments section of an article that might number 500-700 words in length.  I stopped allowing comments because he runs other people off.  He's an Internet stalker and and an online bully.  His pattern is predictable.  He does the same thing to other Mormon writers on Examiner.  I don't see how he manages to hold down a job and keep up with all the anti-Mormon stuff he posts.  I figure he must be a paid minister on a salary or else he defrauds his employer by wasting his on-the-clock time and the company's bandwidth writing and posting anti-Mormon garbage.

These patterns grow tiresome after a while.  I tell myself sometime that it's time to just leave it behind and focus on something more uplifting.  I would love to spend my time just writing about the glorious gospel of Christ and how it enriches our life.  I would love to write articles about reaching out to our Christian brethren in other denominations and encouraging us to cooperate in humanitarian service.  But even doing that earns attacks from the anti-Mormons.

This week, I enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday.  It was a wonderful time of meditating upon the birth of the Savior and all the gospel means to me.  Then the news came about the legal decision that struck down the ban on gay marriage in Utah.  I don't live in Utah, but I could instantly see where this was leading.  In a matter of weeks, some gay Mormon "couple" will go to their bishop and ask him to perform a civil marriage ceremony from them.  He will decline and they will sue him and the Church for denying them their civil rights.

The real prize they want is to force temple marriages for gays, but the Church will never yield on that.  Thus, their leverage will be litigation to force us to perform gay civil marriages outside the temple.  They will try to get the Church's tax-exempt status revoked.  They will try to seize property, particularly temples.  They will threaten to jail Church leaders.  This is what the enemies of the Church influenced the government to do in the 19th century.  Satan's game plan rarely changes.

In the Bible, the Pharisee Saul of Tarsus, a religious cleric, stood by and held the cloaks for the bigots who stoned St. Stephen to death.  It took a miracle to change his heart.  We can only hope that the modern sectarian Christians will repent and reconsider before the gay lobby and the secularists press their attack upon the Mormons.  If they stand by idly and snicker as the anti-Christian "beast" acts to "wear down the saints of the Most High," they may not realize that they will be next.  The anti-Christ will turn against them and they will either find themselves in a predicament.  They will have to either throw their hat in the ring with us or with the side that fights against Christ.  Many of them will; however, be like "Ron Den Boer," who attacked the Church in his comments to an Examiner article that encouraged mainstream Christians and Mormon Christians to work together to defend religious liberty.  Anti-Mormons will end up burning down their own house of faith.

S.P.A.M. was born with the 2008 election when anti-Mormonism surged after Mitt Romney's candidacy was announced.  Mitt ran again in 2012.  In those years, we had "Big Love" on HBO, the "Book of Mormon" Broadway musical, and attacks media and entertainment personalities.  Bill Maher, Lawrence O'Donnell, Tom Hanks, Rosie O'Donnell, Laurence Fishburne, radio personality Delilah, and countless Protestant ministers, spoke out against Mormons.

We anticipated that, once the "Mormon Moment" was over, that things would return back to normal.  Instead, anti-Mormonism continues to increase.  The volume and virulence is escalating.

Perhaps I will be wise next year, when I think about retiring the site, and just call it a three-week vacation from blogging to defend the Church.  Meanwhile, let the countdown begin to the first gay marriage lawsuit against the Church in Utah.  Right now, it's three days and counting...


  1. What I actually anticipate happening is that the church will no longer perform legal marriages but will instead only perform "sealings" (which are not in and of themselves legally recognized on their own) and require members to be married civilly by a Justice of the Peace before hand.

  2. The church already does this in Europe, as a matter of fact. Even now, the policy is being married legally first and bringing the legal marriage license into the temple, even then, and I am a recent participant in this process, there is an appeals and interview process where your Stake President, Bishop, and the Temple Presidency of the Temple where you seek to be sealed all have to question and background check who is going to be married anyways, before they get sealed. Even by the law, a religious authority is free to defer from some kind of marriage that he/she is not comfortable with performing. The real issue for church members is if they are willing to excercise faith and make the neccessary sacrifices. IMHO, plenty of them will.

    I also don't feel that extreme anti-religion is neccessarily an overnight change, but comes after a while of realizing that despite the options available, the religion you figured would die out just isn't falling out like anticipated. Nonmembers of the church will have their way, in fact, they already do in terms of being free to get booze, commit unchastity of just about every kind, etc., just about everywhere else, Utah included, the church will go on with it's standards while the Law of the Land goes on with it's own. The church will outlast the nation, however, because it has the spiritual foundation and guidance of the Lord that national governments have fallen away from, bit by bit.

  3. I really like the comment from one of the prophets, I don't remember which one, it was around the turn of the 20th century as he was being maligned in the papers and his family wondered why he didn't raise a fuss. He replied something to the effect of "Let them write their own doom, we have work to do."

    I agree, there isn't a new argument in 180 years, at the same time I don't know that their arguments should go unchallenged. Maybe this is your unofficial but still important calling?

    I do know that what is written in the book of Daniel is true, "persecutions may rage, mobs may combine" and so on, and I know it is going to look like they are going to win, but for some reason...I really don't feel threatened by it all.

    I watch the brethren. When the Apostles start running up and down the aisle's yelling "OH BLEEP WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" then I know it is time to panic. In the meanwhile....I think it is good to bear witness of the folly and to have it written somewhere, I'm glad someone has the tenacity to do it, I couldn't do it. Good for you, but I hear ya...might feel kinda corrosive at times.


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